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At fittedcodes we’ve always appreciated getting help from others. When we’ve reached out for help whether it’s been for building a plugin with new technology, getting legal help employing a foreigner, or something completely else, there’s always been someone to help us out.

Now we want to give back and that’s why we’ve put fittedcharity to life. We all know that many people around the world needs help, but not many of us know how to actually help as a big barrier of distance is between you (as a helper) and the one needing the help.

fittedcharity fits every one who wants to help the ones who needs help. Whether it’s for getting clean water for drinking or new bricks to build a house – fittedcharity helps out everyone.


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For every purchase, testimonial, tweet, like, share, product review, blog post, or affiliate referral we’ll give a specific amount for charity.

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Every little help is a big help.

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