Restaurancia WordPress Theme

Restaurancia is a WordPress theme made for every kind of restaurant, bar, coffee shop, bakery, and many more businesses in the food and beverage industry.

It’s a highly customizable WordPress theme and fits every kind of device with its fully responsive design. Restaurancia also comes with an all-in-one reservation plugin that is well-integrated into the theme.

Furtheremore the Restaurancia WordPress theme is pre-packed with PSD’s, AI’s, demo-content and all images for you to use. A full documentation is also included.


Single Site License


  • Must Have Plugins +$39
  • Changing Color Scheme +$49
  • Adding Your Logo +$19
  • Installation of Theme +$29
  • Integration of Web Analytics +$9

It’s delicious and it fits
every restaurant.

Clean and colorful
restaurant theme.

There’s more than meets the eye.

Fully responsive

Restaurancia is a fully responsive WordPress Theme and you can expect great flexibility when your guests visits your website.

Reservation plugin integrated

With Restaurancia you already have a fully integrated reservation system so that you won’t miss any change of getting a reservation from a user visiting your website.


Pre-packed with everything

Restaurancia WordPress Themes comes pre-packed with all images, demo-content, configurations, and much more. All for you to setup your restaurant website in no time.

Easy customizable

With Restaurancia you have lots of possibilities of customizing the theme the way you want it. From changing colors, positions of elements, fonts, and much more.

Integrated with intuitive reservation plugin

With Restaurancia WordPress Themes comes a all-in-one reservation plugin. The reservation plugin has a lot of features built in and below we have listed a few of them.

The most important and intriguing thing about the reservation plugin, is without a doubt the flexibility and possibility of customizing it to your needs.

  • Plug n’ Play Reservation Plugin
  • Choose maximum party size
  • Customize your own messages
  • Choose Time & Date format
  • Switch between 43 languages
  • Add custom schedule rules
  • Choose Time Intervals
  • Customize your emails & notifications
  • And much more…

Made for everyone.

The awesomeness of the theme is that it can be customized
for every kind of restaurant, bar, coffee shop, bakery, etc.

Do you have a restaurant, a bar, a coffee shop, a bakery or anything else in the food and beverage industry, then the Restaurancia WordPress Theme is definitely a theme for you. Your business will quickly adapt to the theme and when it comes to customization you will find it very easy.

This theme will boost your visitors to make a reservation with you and all you have to focus on is to take care of your guests when they arrive at your restaurant. The Restaurancia theme will do the rest.



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