Great theme, love the simplicity. Will definitely buy with you again.

– Leanne Jackson

It used to take me several days to set up a theme, now it takes me only 30 minutes.

– Martin Lander

It’s beautiful in the fronten and simple and easy in the backend. Good job guys.

– Dan Bartels

I like the idea of making the theme options intuitive so you don’t have to read lots of documentation.

– David Marrakech

Great product and great service afterwards. Thanks!

– Jack Marvel

It means a lot to me that a theme is easy and manageable from the backend and your theme is just that. Very good job!

– Linda Peterson

fittedcodes you’ve made my day with this theme. Like the intuitiveness and clean design.

– Mick Barstadt

Looked for a simple theme and fittedcodes were the one who could provide that for me and at an affordable price.

– Brody Badell

I’ve purchase many of your themes and I like that you keep the same simple and clean principles. It makes it really easy for me as an editor.

– Joyce Bowerly

Had a good experience with your theme. It’s easy to setup and to manage afterwards.

– Craig Percival

I actually purchased your theme because of the low price compared to others, but was surprised how great it was afterwards. Thanks for this!

– Kenyon Lowell

Yeah, it’s easy to use and looks good in both backend and frontend. Nice job guys.

– Tobias Morgan

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